Its that time of year again……lawn shark season.  So in the spirit of preparedness, I am putting together my first ever tutorial, ‘How to Lawn Shark Your Friends.’

Step One: Assemble your materials.  I might suggest your friendly neighborhood bike shop as an excellent resource for large cardboard boxes (especially during spring), and your awesome sister as an excellent partner in this crafty prank project.  Once you get into the swing of things, you may want to use a template system.  Although, having done such, our sharks look a bit uniform and uninspired since they’re all very similar.

Step 2: Assemble supplies.  Notice supplies includes hydration and snacks.  Other supplies include various implements of destruction: spray paint (lots), screw drivers, zip-ties (lots), duct tape, garden plant supports.

Step 3: Make the supports.  First cut the supports to a reasonable length (think about 4″ in the ground, 1 foot-ish connected to shark or fin).  Next poke holes in the cardboard for the zip ties.  Then connect the supports to the cardboard, trim the zip-ties, and secure with duct tape.


Step 4: Paint your sharks and fins.  Spray paint cans get cold on a cold day.  You can put a coozie on upside down creatively for warmth.

Step 5: If your shark design during the cutting process did not include gills and, perhaps more importantly, ‘angry eyes’…..draw these on now.  Use a marker.

Step 6: Drive around town and proudly display your sharks in other people’s yards. Preferably on busy street intersections.

*Note: Waldron house not pictured because we got busted, ran to the car and drove off.  Blurry photography was in the interest of not being busted again, and often taken from a moving car.

Step 7: Be notified of your genius later that evening and the next day, by way of threatening text messages and social media sites.

Step 8: Wonder what your upstairs neighbors think when they have sharks all over the front lawn, after you discover that the infestation has spread back to your house.