Keeping myself honest.  2019 resolution: learn to bake bread.

Jan. 12: Ciabatta

Found an easy recipe to start.  Had to put it back in a little bit to crisp it up, but turned out great.  Also, I had a lot of fun watching it rise.

Jan. 14: Dutch Oven Loaf

Gave another relatively easy (read: no kneading), but longer recipe a try.  My loaf turned out alright, I think it wasn’t baked long enough, and it fell a little when I took it out.  I’m going to get an oven thermometer to see how accurate the dial is.

The bread was good, but I think could be better. It looked pretty at least! I don’t think I’ll try a dutch oven recipe again for a while, as I want to work on other skills, like kneading first.

Jan. 22: White Bread

Tried a recipe for a plain white loaf from a book I got from IC public library. For my first kneaded bread, I think it turned out pretty well.

Forgot to slash the top. Tastes good like plain, white bread.